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“While celebrity cooking shows may be all the rage, Australian adults under 34 are leading the trend of spending on fast food, delivery services and restaurants, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Their latest research shows a typical millennial will spend around $100 each week eating out or ordering deliveries — a rise of 37 per cent from the $73 spent six years ago.” Vanessa Brown


Considering that millennials are the biggest demographic that spend at cafés and restaurants, it’s important to speak to them directly and there’s no better way to do so than with Instagram and Facebook. If you aren’t doing this regularly and effectively then you are missing out the biggest target market in the current food scene!

In an increasingly competitive online marketplace, cutting through the noise has become difficult for businesses. Even the most accomplished players struggle to compete for screen time due to the sheer amount of content on social media. That’s why Facebook and Instagram advertising is now one of the most crucial platforms a business owner can utilise to reach their audience in a time when organic reach is declining.

Facebook & IG ads are effective as it allows cafés and restaurants to connect directly with their ideal audience using relevant content. With Facebook and Instagram advertising, the user can choose what their ideal audience looks like in terms of interests, demographics and proximity to the business. By targeting potential customers with defined characteristics, businesses can effectively reach those people that would typically be interested in their offering. This way, your advertising dollar is targeted and will reach the people that are most likely to become ongoing customers.

What many people outside of the Social Media world don’t know is that Instagram was bought by Facebook back in 2012, though most aspects of the platform remained the same as the initial founders stayed working for the company. In late 2017, the original founders of Instagram parted ways with the business and it became up to Mark Zuckerberg to move Instagram in whatever direction he wanted. This is when considerable and immediate changes began to occur. Algorithms were altered which has brought about some major changes in the content sharing platform.

Essentially, posting on Instagram or Facebook without a clear strategy on who you are aiming to reach, is a scattergun approach and your message can be diluted. It doesn’t matter if you have a wealth of beautiful content to share, you’ve got to know how to share it to maximise its effectiveness. A good social media marketer well-versed in placing Facebook and Instagram ads will know that it has become very useful to achieve the best results for businesses. Proper setup and testing of your audience are really important and re-evaluation of advertising content is also really important when the efficiency of the ad declines. When it’s done right the effect can be dramatic. Some of CPM’s clients have reported increases in $1,000’s in extra revenue for as little as $150 a week spent on Facebook/IG advertising.

When it comes to marketing your café via social media, placing the right ads can be time-consuming and there is a risk you could waste your money if you don’t have a clear strategy on what it is you want to achieve or way to measure it. Getting this right can be complicated and involves building a specially tailored audience profile that most business owners don’t have the time or knowledge to do. As such, learning the proper process and executing it is important, or alternatively, employing the help of social media marketing experts can pay off in a big way if you are willing to invest.

One thing is for sure, the importance of placing Facebook and Instagram ads on social media for your café is just growing in importance and is a crucial skill to master to make it work for you.


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