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CPM Founders

The CPM founders, Claire & Andre bring over 50 years of combined small business experience with them and understand the challenges of other small business owners. They have assembled a great team of passionate digital and social media marketers around them to service and help the hospitality industry.

With Andre's Chinese Malaysian background and Claire's Western upbringing and with their team stacked with foodies, gives the CPM team a passion and taste for all things food and drink

CPM was founded in 2013 by the husband and wife team who wanted to bring professional marketing services to small businesses in the hospitality industry. This was the dawn of social media and they saw Instagram and Facebook as a way that cafes, restaurants and bars could use these new social media tools to get in front of their customers. They saw this could level the playing field between the small and bigger players in the hospitality industry with bigger budgets.

10 + years, 10's of thousands of unique content and 200+ clients later, the CPM team has proudly helped put some of the great names of the hospitality industry on the map. 

In a field that is notoriously challenging CPM brings not only the latest and most effective social media techniques to the table but also brings small business wisdom and is always looking for the most cost-effective ways to get in front of potential customers. CPM understands that bringing bums on seats is the ultimate goal of their clients and always strives to deliver that goal!

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