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Website Design

The Way to Stand Out From The Competition!

Cafés and restaurants these days need to have a great website to showcase what you offer as well as being a central point for your latest menus, and delivery services.

Now with the whole hospitality industry going digital, you are really at a disadvantage if you don’t showcase yourself digitally as many customers won’t even visit you if they can’t be enticed online first.

All leading restaurants, cafés, bars, and bistros these days know this, and a great website tying all the
elements together is essential to success in a highly competitive market.

That's why we have developed great hospitality-specific website packages tailored for the hospitality
industry that will showcase your brand on both desktop PC and on mobile devices.

Want to stand out from your competition and sell your menu items online and increase reservations at your venue?

Get a modern high-quality professional website specifically crafted for hospitality businesses that include all the features you need to generate more business, increase local customer awareness and gain an edge over your competition.


As deliveries, menus, bookings, and socials are all going more digital by the day, you need a great website to pull it all together and have it all in one easy-to Use convenient location for your customers!

These days eyeballs are everywhere and customers are turning to their phones and screens to work out if they want to come and visit you. If you don’t have a great modern-looking website with matching socials they will generally bypass you. As bookings everywhere are becoming the norm and customers will review you online before visiting your venue, then a great-looking website that works well on mobile and desktop is essential!

Each website is designed with optional advanced features that are tailored
specifically to the hospitality industry including:


Online ordering with online payments


Table booking reservations


Digital menu with QR code


Menu photo gallery


Social media channels


discount promotional codes


Email marketing newsletter


Google maps store locator


Online customer Reviews


Food Delivery partner links


Contact form


Food delivery service menus

What can you expect from a website like this?


Increase your local awareness and reach more customers


Get found on Google easily and offer customers directions and the ability to book with you


Provide a better customer service experience


Increase table reservations with integrations with OpenTable and Fork or you can have your own.


Accept online orders and increase revenue


Enhance your brand and make it easy for customers to remember you


Gain more reviews to improve customer loyalty and trust


Promote offers to increase loyalty and gain repeat customers


Link your social media channels to your website to find and attract new customers


Links to UberEats, Deliveroo, MenuLog, and other delivery services to increase online orders

Food delivery service providers

Integrate your website with links to all the food delivery services you are using.


Table booking service providers

Integrate your table reservation software into your website.


Customer Reviews 

Integrate TripAdvisor customer reviews into your website.


Did you know that 90% of guests research a restaurant online before dining more than any other business type?


That's why you need to put your best foot forward and have your website be a good focal point to visit along with your social media channels.

If you have a good targeted social strategy then pointing them to your modern responsive website to book a table, order online or view your digital menu by scanning a QR code is ideal.

We Offer two affordable packages



*Quoted prices are for design and build service only.
Price can increase if any additional requirements or
third-party services are added. Please refer to FAQ.



You can get started right away by completing our short website client questionnaire and we will be in touch with you to confirm your requirements and provide you a free QUOTE


If you have some questions then You can contact us by submitting the enquiry form below and our web team will be in touch

Contact Us

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Learn more about the website service we provide for your hospitality business.


Are there any additional costs?

Yes, you will need to have purchased a valid domain name and will be required to purchase a hosting plan from Wix. Instructions will be provided. Plus any other additional third-party costs such as merchant fees and taxes.

For more information on the Wix plans please click here:

The type of plan you need will depend on whether you are looking to accept online payments or not.

If you are going for the Growth Package then you will require the business plan.

Speak to us and we will guide you on which plan you will require based on your website requirements.

How long does it take to finish?

Depending on the size of your menu and the package you are getting.

For starter package websites, it usually takes about a week to complete.
For growth package websites, it can vary but usually takes about 2-3 weeks to complete.

For custom requirements the timeline will depend on the work required to be carried out.

Can I change anything on the site once you send it to me for review?

Yes, we want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your website so we offer one final revision to make any changes to the site before signing off.

Can I access my site once it has been completed and I approve it?

Yes, all Wix sites come with an administration dashboard that you can log into to access your site. We will send you an invitation to your email so you can access it. If you have trouble then simply contact us and we will help you out.

Do you offer maintenance or website update services?

Yes, although most of the time you won’t need this, there are times where you may want to change your emails, update your menus, update your pricing, or change other settings. If this is the case we can provide an ongoing monthly website management service for $49/month* or $499/year*.

*The price for maintenance is for the packages only. If your site has additional requirements then your maintenance costs will increase. Speak to us to confirm your quote on maintenance.

What if I want to upgrade and add more services to my website?

Absolutely, we can help you with this. There would be an extra charge for any additional requirements and as such will be scoped and priced accordingly. Alternatively, if you are simply looking for menu updates and simple
text/image changes then you could opt for the maintenance package. Speak to us to learn more about this service.

How do I start accepting online payments?

You will be required to set up an account with PayPal or Stripe so you can start accepting credit card payments from your site. We will walk you through the process so you can get up and running. It takes no longer than 5 minutes to create an account and link your bank account so you can get paid.

I already have a table booking system, can you integrate it into my site?

Yes, if you are using OpenTable, Fork, Quandoo or similar services then we can easily embed a widget into your site so your customers can continue to book with you using your existing table reservation services account.

Can you add my Instagram feed into my website?

Yes, we will connect your Instagram account with your website and each time you post on Instagram your feed will be updated in real-time on your site.

How does the digital menu with QR code work?

All sites come with a digital menu that you can link to using a QR code.

We will create a QR code that is unique and is linked directly to your website's digital menu. Very helpful if you want to print your QR code and allow your in-dining customers to view your menu on their mobile or if you put it on a flyer
or other marketing material for customers to easily access via their smartphones.

How do I create online promocodes for my online customers?

Inside your site administration dashboard there is a section that will allow you to create discount codes which can be used at checkout for your customers. Promote the codes on social media, flyers and/or inside marketing emails and when your customer checks out at the shopping cart they can use that code to receive their discount.

How do I see my newsletter sign ups?

You have a choice to use the built-in CRM inside Wix and you can easily view your sign ups by clicking on your contact list. We will provide you instructions on how to do this. If you have an email marketing software like Mailchimp, we can connect your newsletter signups to your Mailchimp list no issues. Each time a customer submits your newsletter form, you will receive an email notification to your designated email address notifying you that you have a new subscriber on your list.

How do I receive online orders?

You will need to provide a valid email address that we will connect to your website so that every time a new order comes through you will get an email notifying you of a new order. Instructions will be provided to you. If you are using a food delivery service then you will continue to receive notifications the same way as usual.

How do I get my money into my bank account from online orders?

When you set up your payments with PayPal or Stripe you will automatically receive your payments directly into your bank account usually within 1-3 business days. We don’t have control over this and you will need to contact the payment service provider if you are having issues receiving funds.

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