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How an international sensation found its own brand identity in Australia

Anita Gelato

  • Anita Gelato is an international gelato sensation, having originated in Israel 20 years ago. 

  • CPM was approached by the Anita Gelato owners in Australia, Tamir & Gisele, to create their own brand identity rather than be managed by the parent company in Israel. They had previously been managing the marketing content for their current 3 Sydney stores located in

  • Chippendale, Bondi Beach and Bondi Junction. The owners of the Australian stores, wanted to outsource and utilise a trusted hospitality marketing company in Australia, who understood and had experience in the local food scene to help them establish their own brand identity and local following as they have expansion plans to roll out to new stores across Australia. This was the beginning of their journey with CPM in October 2020.

  • Anita Gelato has truly become a fan favourite throughout Sydney and now have a strong local following and presence online out of the Eastern suburbs area that they were located in.

  • One of the big aims was to get known to the wider Sydney community so that they are were able to kickstart their presence and be known before the new locations opened.

  • Top-tier Sydney lifestyle and foodie influencers have come to visit all 3 of the Anita Gelato locations. With the help of CPM, Anita Gelato was recently approached by PICs Peanut Butter to collaborate on limited edition, delicious flavours. This was heavily promoted on socials by CPM, leading to the sell-out of 500kg of both flavours before the end of campaign. 




“Partnering with CPM proved to be a blessing for the Anita Gelato Australian branch. We needed a marketing company we could trust with the local food scene, and CPM certainly came through and exceeded our expectations. They paid great attention to our needs and have helped us achieve our marketing goals as a company. We are so pleased with the growth and traction we have experienced since working with them.”


" Gizelle and Tamir, Owners of Anita Gelato Australia "

Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 4.44.34 pm.png

CPM has worked closely with Anita Gelato to achieve their goal of increasing their brand awareness and social media virality within Australia. This began with a pre-organised photoshoot which showcased the overall vibe and feel of the brand and their 3 Sydney locations. CPM has also ensured the growing success of Anita’s in Australia through targeted Facebook Ads, gaining traction of over 700K viewers. Working with social media, it is CPM’s priority that we keep up with the trends and features of online platforms and utilise them to the best of our advantage. With the recent launch of Instagram reels, we have created content for Anita Gelato, reaching 4.5k + views. 

Within the 3 months that CPM has partnered with Anita Gelato Australia, their social media growth has increased exponentially, but our work does not stop here. Anita Gelato continues to flourish in the industry, looking to open more stores throughout Sydney, Brisbane and New Zealand. It is without a doubt that CPM believes Anita will continue to thrive and grow as a promising client.

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