Social Hideout went from unknown to "Sydney's prettiest cafe".. With revenues to match!

Social Hideout CAfe

One of our great long-term clients, Social Hideout, has opened its second larger cafe in Waterloo and has become an Instagram sensation and financial success just a few weeks after opening!
The success has already fed back with greater revenues and recognition for the original cafe in Parramatta.
When Social Hideout started with CPM it was an unknown small, generic cafe in North Parramatta with a lot of competitors and a nearly identical cafe next door.
Over a sustained period, CPM helped Social hideout build up a strong loyal fan base, achieve a great online presence, and created hype around the brand, transforming the cafe into a hotspot of their crazed online fans. With lines out the door on the weekly, it was time to grow the brand. This is when Social Hideout Waterloo first saw the light.


With the Parramatta cafe operating with ease and consistently bringing in large crowds, it was time to fry some bigger fish. With CPM’s help, the concept, interior design & menu for Social Hideout 2.0 was developed. They had the look (and an awesome brunch spread including The Grounds Coffee) now we just needed to get the word out.
After opening in Oct 2018, the results were stunning!
Social Hideout Waterloo store opened with an incredible buzz and had fans queuing from the first weekend to get a chance to come and try the new store.
Now Social Hideout is a social media sensation, a hub for foodies and influencers alike and it has exceeded the owner’s financial projections. The second cafe has surpassed the revenues of the first cafe after just 2 months of operating and is continually growing, along with the first location increasing by 10%.

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