How a solid strategy was the key to growth in a competitive local hospitality market

Gram cafe and Pancakes

  • CPM was briefed to launch and build the marketing and introduction of a Japanese Pancake brand to the Australian market. It was to be the first store and had to be successful to be able to roll out further stores and franchise the operation.

  • Pre-opening CPM already had a strategy laid out with a short build-up to opening day.

  • On opening, there was a huge launch day and massive queues with demand outstripping supply and people having to come back to visit. For the first few weeks, there were hour-long queues waiting to visit and try the pancakes.

  • Then a few weeks late COVID hit and marketing had to pivot quickly to the delivery model. We are able to achieve this for Gram successfully and quickly so they could survive the lockdown period and still continue to build the brand.

  • Once Gram was able to reopen we had to build demand and hype back quickly and drive traffic in-store again since COVID had disrupted it so much.

  • Now they are booming again with CPM’s help, with demand outstripping supply and lines out the door.

  • Sales are even better than before COVID and Gram are ready to roll out a national franchise chain ahead of their original timeline.




“When we acquired the Australian & New Zealand Franchise to the popular Gram Pancakes brand from Japan, we knew that we had to launch everything right as it was the first of its kind in Australia and would be the start of the brand here. We wanted the best hospitality marketing company to help us as we knew we had a premium product to launch and that’s when we found CPM. Their long successful history with cafes & restaurants in Sydney was what made us choose them. When we did the pre-marketing launch and finally launched what happened next was amazing and far above what we were expecting!


From the opening night, the response was huge. We had lines of several hours wait out the door just to try us out. We had the problem of how we were going to serve so many people! CPM had gotten us featured in so much of the food press such as Concrete Playground, SMH Good Food, Broadsheet, Timeout, The Urban List, WSFM,, 10 Daily, Pedestrian TV, and many more. Also, we started to grow a huge social media following very quickly and grew a few thousand followers with high engagement in our first few weeks.


Since our opening, we have had queues of 150 people waiting on the weekend and 20-30 on the weekdays all day long wanting to come and try us. CPM not only helped us with the marketing but also helped us with the management of all the huge crowds and how to help diplomatically manage the overwhelming demand. Now we can just focus on the production and servicing all the demand that we have for us.


We are very happy with how this has launched and the marketing success that has been achieved for us. It really sets us up in a good position for the rest of our expansion plans. We highly recommend CPM to market any cafe or food business! They really exceeded our expectations, were experts in what they do. They were friendly, professional and we knew we were in good hands all the way.

Now we are doing better than before COVID and we are ready to roll out our franchise model well ahead of original expectations despite how tough the current environment is for food businesses! ”


” Michael & Scarlett, Owners Gram Pancakes "

With CPM’s help, there was an immediate impact. Using a variety of techniques including social media marketing, influencer marketing, and effective Facebook and IG ads we blew sales projections out of the water. 


Our strategy and execution made sure the launch and Gram Pancake brand was established and a huge success despite the COVID lockdowns and tough trading environment. The client is well ahead of his expectations of rolling out the brand nationally.

We are currently working with them on growing and building their brand nationally.


For this happy client, their marketing spend paid for itself many times over and cemented their name in Australia!


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