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The Tiny giant went from a little known pocket cafe to a social media sensation that grew its revenues by over 300%

The Tiny Giant

Literally in the title, The Tiny Giant has grown from a tiny corner cafe into a GIANT Instagram sensation!
It all started in August 2016 when the new owners of this run-down cafe corner store came to CPM in an attempt to rebrand and create a ‘WOW!’ factor for the Inner West Petersham area.
With our help, The Tiny Giant transformed into a place full of character, and the public quickly learned that size definitely does not matter. Their Signature French Brioche quickly rose to insta-fame along with their House-made Cronut collection.
In less than a year they cracked their first milestone – 10K followers on Instagram, and 2 years later raking in numbers 25K+, and it is all thanks to the hard work and committed online marketing strategy for their ongoing success. What could have been a fad in passing became a place which has people literally lining up at the door to see what will be next.


CPM has been involved with finding hit dishes that keep them in the headlines.
We advised on forward strategy, menu creations, developed a number of online competitions, blogger events, and collaborations with top Sydney food influencers.
With a reputation of being a lively, vibrant cafe it was natural to dress their food as such; The Tiny Giant were the first to have items like the Rainbow Bagels and the Unicorn Toastie (oozing with rainbow cheese). With these standout dishes from our viral strategies, word spread to leading publications such as The Daily Telegraph, Eat Drink Play, The Urban List, Inner West Courier, Broadsheet, 2 Hungry Guys and Timeout.
It’s not just smoke and mirrors at The Tiny Giant, since joining the CPM family they have managed to improve their revenue by +300%!
They’re not stopping there and neither are we. We just held their sold out Charlie and the Chocolate factory event showcasing all the winter dishes and also had all the press and bloggers raving as well as the 180 people that attended the event.
This little cafe keeps making waves and punching above its weight!



“We cannot recommend CPM enough. We’ve been with them since opening our café The Tiny Giant in 2016 and have been so happy with the results that we’ve put our other cafes, Rozelle Espresso and Leichhardt Espresso onto the CPM program. They get exceptional results, growing our Instagram following to 20K in a little over a year working with them.


Claire and the team do all the hard marketing work for us while we get to work on our own business. It’s such a relief to have them on board constantly growing our brands online.


CPM has helped our businesses grow and increase revenues dramatically. They’ve also been able to have us featured on many different publications and making us the talk of the town from online influencers. We just can’t thank them enough!

It’s such a relief to have them on board constantly growing our brands online."

” Debbie and Gil, Owners Tiny Giant "

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