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How a good social & marketing strategy increased revenues by 44% in the first 2 months


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-CPM started with Deluxe pizza in Feb of 2022 and in 2 months have had blown up awareness of their offering on social media and awareness in the area, driving store sales up 44% to the same time last year.

This has set their brand up well to open a 2nd new location in cronulla opening soon, launching off the back of a strong and well known pizza brand in the area.

Here are some of the highlights below.

Overall sales up 44%Year on Year compared to April 2021 

- Last 30 days, Social media engagement is up 31.6%,

Social media reach is up over 98.8%

,THEY have gained over 774 new  followers in 2 months

- Reels: reaching 3,000+ views consistently each reel

- Monthly newsletter send outs with a large open rate to an email database of 3,892 people- 


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44% growth in the first 2 months of marketing


“.CPM Online Marketing has transformed our boring outdated content with new engaging content. After looking at CPM's work for over 6+ months we decided to engage their services and have been thrilled with the results so far. I've always felt we've needed a professional agency to give us a clear strategy for our online marketing rather than wasting time and money learning it ourselves. Their explanation and attention to detail of the campaigns is outstanding. We're seeing strong same store sales growth and are confident we have made the right decision. We look forward to even more growth in the near future!”

”Liam, owner Deluxe Pizza "

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