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How a solid strategy was the key to growth in a competitive local hospitality market

cafe Toscano


One of our most recent client successes was a regional cafe group in Northern NSW. The owner had great venues but until now hadn’t had much success in being able to showcase the quality of his offering. He sought out CPM after being highly recommended by Industry friends and at first, was a bit hesitant hiring from a different region.


Once he started working with CPM and saw what we were doing he was very impressed. We have worked closely together through a difficult time and have been a huge support and very instrumental in getting him through this tough patch. With the region reopening CPM is playing a large role in getting the customer base built up again and attracting new diners!




“I employed the help of CPM Online Marketing to assist with handling the accounts of my three venues. Being situated in regional NSW, I needed to attract visitors to my venues as well as appeal to locals. I sought out the help of CPM after hearing a lot of positive things from industry friends in Sydney. Although I was slightly hesitant about employing a company, not within geographical proximity to me, I am so happy I took the plunge!


The CPM team has worked with me closely for my main venue Cafe Toscano in Foster and also helped with the other two venues. They have been prompt, and responsive to any ideas or questions I have had, and gone over and above to help me out as much as possible. They have made me feel confident about my decision to employ a company in Sydney. I knew that what all of my venues had to offer was completely different from anything else in the area, but was really struggling to get the word out. With targeted advertising to my direct and surrounding suburbs, it helped to attract both local and out-of-town clientele to my venues. I have absolutely no hesitation recommending CPM Online Marketing to any business looking for help with marketing.”

"Gabriel, Owner of The Sicilian Group"

There are now plans and strategies in place to continue the growth.
For this happy client, his marketing spend paid for itself many times over!

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