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Toastie Smith, An instant success in the midst of COVID-19 then working as a long term partnership to grow them to a multi store food brand

Toastie Smith

  • CPM launched a brand new eating concept right at the start of the 2020 COVID lockdown and grew this food brand to huge success.

  • Toastie Smith became a viral sensation for the owners who could then use the strong brand as a way to roll out more stores.

  • CPM gained huge social media growth right from the start for their first location in Chatswood before growing to a multi store food brand.

  • Despite launching during the COVID lockdown in 2020 ,the success of the social and digital marketing campaign was still huge and managed to grow the Toastie Smith brand

  • CPM achieved many food press PR articles, in Urban list , Broadsheet, concrete Playground , Kiss FM, Time Out and Good Food etc

  • ( See Some Press Examples here )

  • Had over 80 + IG and TikTok food influencers  from the CPM blogging community in to spread the word.

  • The marketing campaign brought revenues and brand recognition beyond the owner's expectations

  • CPM has worked with Toastie Smith for 3 years to build up and grow their brand and expand during challenging times

  • Help build  and establish the brand and launch multiple stores successfully in Chatswood, Darling Square, Barrangaroo, Macquarie Centre & the Galeries CBD & Sales Force Tower

  • CPM is proud that we have worked alongside Toastiesmith from the very beginning of their journey.

  • With the launch planned at the beginning of August during the impact of COVID-19, we knew building social media virality was a huge priority when working with Toastiesmith. 

  • With one week before the official launch in the Chatswood Interchange, CPM partnered with Toastiesmith to ensure the successful launch of their brand. and the huge amount of buzz around their opening. As soon as they launched the brand grew and grew and customers flocked to their location despite the lockdowns.

  • The success of Toastiesmith was instantaneous. From the day of launch, their store saw to the hustle and bustle of customers excited to try this new, unique prospect, while also blowing up on social media  and going viral.

  • There was a multi pronged approach to the marketing strategy which included, consistent content marketing, posting on FB, IG daily, using stories, a paid social ad strategy to get onto the phones of customers, a digital PR launch that was featured in all major food publications. These factors as well as a influencer campaign at the same time, grew the quickly and despite the lockdown, became very popular.

  • In just the first month of the business operating, the client’s revenue target had been bypassed, continuing for many months to come, significantly exceeding the client’s expectations.

  • A few months later Toastie Smith had already achieved their milestone of opening a second location in Darling Square, which too saw the same great success as their initial launch, with queues of customers lined up to get their hands on the famous Toasties. The continuation of the marketing campaign supported both stores.

  • The band has continued to grow into the owner's dreams of a multi location food brand with locations grown in Chatswood, Darling Square, Barrangaroo, Macquarie Centre & the Galeries CBD and Sales Force tower with sights set for further expansion.



“CPM was recommended to us by our close friends from Mr. Chen Noodles, whom they worked with. We were more than ecstatic with the way CPM helped us get our feet off the ground. Having met in the early days before our launch, we were able to utilise their feedback regarding branding, guidelines, and vision for Toastie Smith. Since the launch the campaign has been a huge success and grown the brand quickly and beyond our expectations.

With the help of CPM, our business has grown copious amounts in less than 6 months!

CPM are a great long term marketing partner to have to grow a brand and make an impact”


- Yan & Kelly, Owners of Toastiesmith

Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 4.44.34 pm.png


Today, Toastiesmith has a growing 16.7k followers on Instagram, has had 60 + influencers come through to their stores, which opened up to audiences of milliions and has appeared in multiple large-scale online publications such as The Urban List, Broadsheet, Good Food, TimeOut, Concrete Playground and more!


Giving back to the community, Toastiesmith was able to use their online platform to promote their fundraiser for the Sydney Children’s Hospital, raising over $3000 which was donated. CPM has worked closely with Toastiesmith to keep their brand thriving in the public eye. We have hosted multiple seasonal campaigns and online giveaways gaining traction of 3.5k comments, while also producing enticing branded video content for the client. 


This fast-food sensation continues to grow and flourish alongside the work of CPM. They have recently launched their new kids menu, serving deliciously packed Toasties to be enjoyed by all! This fan favourite has multiple stores now and looking to expand further. It is with confidence that this CPM client will continue to succeed in the Sydney hospitality scene, which much more to come and to offer. 

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