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How we turned Song Kitchen into a force to be reckoned with!

Song Kitchen

Song Kitchen is a not-for-profit restaurant located in Surry Hills, which opened in January 2017, with 100% of its profits donated to fund services in support of domestic violence victims.
However, despite operating with such a good cause Song Kitchen previously struggled to leverage and receive coverage to attract customers to their cafe and restaurant.
In the three months with CPM, Song Kitchen has become the talk of the town. Their Instagram follower count has increased by 350%, resulting in a loyal fan base turned into actual customers who continually support the restaurant and cause. They have been visited and reviewed by 50+ Sydney top food influencers, recognised by the major food blogging communities, been featured in a number of publications such as the next hot spot to dine at in Sydney in Eat Drink Play, Weekend Notes, Where To Tonight, Sydney Unleashed and more.


One of Song Kitchen’s most notable achievements includes a review and feature in Good Food Guide scoring the restaurant at a 14/20 – only one point shy of a Chef’s Hat – an amazing result for a relatively new player in the restaurant industry. This exceptional achievement would not have been made possible without the support of CPM and our network of relevant and reputable publications.
Within these past 3 months, CPM has not only improved Song Kitchen’s brand reputation, increased their real customers, but has also boosted their sales in all aspects of their business – breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bar, increasing overall revenue by over 10%.
Song Kitchen continues to be a rising star in the local restaurant scene and continues to welcome more Sydney food enthusiasts to dine at their restaurant knowing that they are enjoying quality food whilst making a difference in their community. 



“CPM Online Marketing has been hugely instrumental in assisting Song Kitchen to forge a name in the Sydney food scene. Prior to our association with CPM, we knew that we had a great offer was great, we just didn’t have the ability to leverage our business in the way that CPM could. In the short three months, we have been with CPM they have worked tirelessly to promote our venue which has been featured in publications such as Eat Drink Play, Weekend Notes, Where To Tonight and Sydney Unleashed just to name a few. One of the most notable achievements was having our venue reviewed and featured by Good Food Guide who scored our restaurant 14/20 which is only one point shy of a hat. This is an amazing result for a relatively new player in the restaurant industry. Beyond publication features, CPM has not only improved our brand reputation, increased foot traffic into the restaurant, and increased our overall revenue by over 20%.

Before starting with CPM, our social media platforms were suffering from low engagement and follower levels. After three months, our follower count has increased by 260% which has equated to a genuine fan base – as evidenced by the increase in real customers.

They have helped us with marketing several sell-out events held at the restaurant. CPM’s promotion of such events was integral to their overall success.

If this is what they have been able to achieve in such a short amount of time, it is really exciting to imagine what CPM could do for our business in the long run. We cannot recommend CPM enough to other businesses that need a boost in visibility. It has been the most valuable investment we could have ever made for our restaurant and we cannot wait to collaborate with them well into the future.”

”Jon Ackary, General Manager of Song Hotels "

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