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How one cafe survived the brunt of the covid-19 impact

Vini's cafe

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  • As with many businesses in the hospitality industry, Vini’s is a Cafe in Manly which bore the brunt of the COVID-19 impact.

  • Having opened just before the Sydney Lockdown, this cafe pulled through serving take-away food.

  • As restaurants and cafes began to reopen, Vini’s reached out to CPM to try and rebuild their customer base in July 2020 after being recommended by one of their contacts in the hospitality space, who saw great results from working with us.

  • Upon coming out of the lockdown, it was Vini’s goal to build greater brand awareness. This was particularly important as their cafe is located in the side streets of Manly, and was heavily reliant on word of mouth awareness rather than have natural passing trade.

  • CPM was able to meet the client's goals through our targeted overall marketing strategy through our Short black Hospitality marketing Package.

  • CPM’s marketing campaign of gaining exposure through targeted Facebook and Instagram ads, and completely revamping their social media content.

  • CPM also built awareness through working closely with community groups and Facebook pages, spreading appreciation for this Manly local gem.

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“Since working with CPM, we have found that our customer base has grown a great amount. We have more customers finding us through our Instagram photos and tags, ultimately bringing more people to our storefront. We are so glad we chose CPM to help guide us with our marketing goals!”


” Vini & Fred, Owners Vini's Cafe "

After seeing results in their social media virality and ultimately their sales revenue within just three months, Vini’s has continued working alongside CPM in order to maximise their potential as a local cafe. Having worked together for over 10 months, CPM has done content photoshoots, assisted with menu changes, worked on hosting targeted events and has ultimately increased brand exposure and awareness exponentially. This has resulted in building their brand during a tough operating environment and building a loyal base of customers to a site that needed to be discovered.

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