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CAFE & RESTAURANT MARKETING: Smashed Avo over Home Loans – Why Millennials are the best t

It’s no secret that millennials are partial to weekend brunch so it comes as no surprise that they have recently been reported as being the biggest demographic for driving café and restaurant sales.

According to technology expert, Anna Elliot, “Australian Millennials visit restaurants and cafes more than any other age group” citing that they “account for one-third of the total foot traffic in Australian restaurants” which has vital implications for the hospitality marketing industry and marketing your cafe or restaurant. This group’s heightened tendency to eat out, coupled with their higher income levels, means that millennials should undoubtedly be the prime target market for your restaurant or cafe.

Technology savvy millennials spend a lot of time online, namely on Instagram, making it one of the most powerful tools for reaching them. With a staggering 71% of all 18-29 year olds reporting use of Instagram, marketing your café through this channel is essential to getting them through your doors.

This target market spends time wading through content online and make dining choices on the most visually appealing Instagrams feeds. Therefore, a well-executed social media marketing strategy is key to the success of cafés and restaurants.

Many successful cafés and restaurants have accumulated a loyal following courtesy of the social platform. Famed venues such as The Grounds of Alexandria, The Tiny Giant and XS Espresso who have built up a cult online followings of up to over 200,000 followers on Instagram, reap the benefits of well-executed hospitality marketing efforts and it all translates to huge amounts of loyal customers and revenue. Now a household name, The Grounds is no stranger to a packed out venue, which has earned them an unrivalled position in the hospitality game. So if you don’t have an active strategy for how you are going to use Instagram then you are missing out on one of the best tools to target your biggest customer base – the millennials! They would prefer to keep renting than give up on their daily cuppa from their favourite café.

A carefully executed social media strategy, especially on Instagram for your café or restaurant is ultimately key to not only attracting the market with the most promise of spending but also for building up a regular base of loyal customers. If you don’t have the expertise or time to do this then you can outsource to a café marketing specialist like CPM Online Marketing to help you achieve the best social media strategy for your café or restaurant.

For the specific marketing strategy you should be using to target Millenials check out the article below: 


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