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#SydneyKeepEating – A movement to support the Sydney hospitality industry through the COVID-19

We ask that you use the #KeepEatingSydney to show solidarity and support of the whole hospitality industry in your posts and reposts.

As a Sydney marketing company specialising in the hospitality industry, we have been working with cafes and restaurants of Sydney, building their brands and bringing customers for nearly 7 years. Never have we witnessed such a challenging time for the industry like the one we are currently facing. The coronavirus and subsequent shutdowns has caused major uncertainties in the economy both locally and globally, with the effects being felt by businesses both big and small, especially in the hospitality industry.

At CPM, we mainly support small businesses and we see first hand how this has an impact on the lives of owners and their employees directly. It’s what motivates and drives the CPM team to be able to see the direct impact our work has on their lives. It is very common for hospitality owners to have invested all of their hopes, dreams and savings into their venue, which operate to support both their families and employees.

During this challenging time, when there is so much uncertainty with what is going to happen in Sydney due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these are the small businesses and the families and employees behind them that need your support, more than ever. Without all our help many of these small businesses face a bleak future.

The purpose of this blog is to educate you on how to continue to support your local eateries while maintaining your health and safety so that they can survive during this period and still be there to serve you when things return to normal. For many, it will be about adapting to survive this interruption to normal business but the longer the interruption, the harder it will be for them to continue operating.

So what can you, as consumers, do to help in a crisis like this? 

#SydneyKeepEating is an awareness movement that we at CPM Online Marketing would like to implement, with help from our incredible community of influencers, bloggers, suppliers and industry contacts to spread the word.

Below is a list of things you can do to support the hospitality industry, in its time of need.

  1. Order home delivery. Order home delivery through Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Door Dash, MenuLog or any other delivery platforms. If you can’t find your favourite restaurant on these apps, they may also be offering home delivery in-house, so be sure to keep up to date with social media to find out. Remember that you will still be able to get food, so don’t panic buy baked beans! Many cafes and restaurants are turning to delivery to survive during this time so would love your delivery orders. Supporting local businesses by ordering home delivery, keeps restaurant staff employed and the business as a whole, afloat.

  2. Order Takeaway from your favourites that are still there! Now that there is no more dining in some cafes and restaurants will still be offering takeaway and pre-ordering options during this time. We understand that not everyone feels comfortable being in communal spaces in this current climate, so if you would prefer to take your food away, and enjoy it outside, please do so!  Many cafes and restaurants are also offering pre-made take-home meal options that will freeze or keep well in the fridge as well as being a nice change from canned food and microwave meals. These guys are there providing a service so you can still eat and drink well through this time so help them stay open by getting something from them if you can afford. Believe us every order is so important to them!

  3. Like, comment on and share their social posts on Instagram or Facebook. During this time when a lot of people are working from home and not wanting to venture out, social media is very important for connecting with, talking to and sharing with others. Whether it’s a favourite dish, a new menu or just a general shout out, interacting with social posts from your local cafe or restaurant could significantly increase their post engagement and widen their audience. Share great dishes, offers and news with your friends. This is one way to show support for the industry that won’t cost you a cent. We ask that you use the #SydneyKeepEating to show solidarity and support of the whole hospitality industry when posting to social media.

  4. Repost photos and reviews to help lift café and restaurant profiles This one is especially important if you have a significant social following. Post pictures you’ve taken from the venues you enjoyed dining at. Posting reviews and photos can help to lift profiles. While people might not be dining out, you can also mention that you can still order takeaway or delivery in. We ask that you use the #SydneyKeepEating to show solidarity and support of the whole hospitality industry in your posts and reposts.

  5. Follow cafes and restaurants on social media and sign up to their newsletters. Stay up to date with what is going on at your local cafe or restaurant. You will be able to stay in the loop of new dishes, menu changes, changes to hours and special offers.

  6. Write a review Because we’ve recent a dramatic reduction in people dining out these past couple of weeks, we are also seeing less recent online reviews. Take the time to post a nice review about your delivery or takeaway options and what your favourite is. If you can write one on Google business then it doesn’t take long to copy it onto Zomato, Tripadvisor and Facebook too. But please try and keep it positive! Be compassionate and kind. Everyone is fighting their own battle during these uncertain times and owners and staff of the restaurant would love a pick me up. Good reviews help to do that!

  7. Share this Blog and the #SydneyKeepEating hashtag to show support By sharing this blog with your friends and family, you will help us to spread the word and show your support for the Sydney hospitality industry. Whether you work in the industry or simply love food, we would be so grateful for your help with spreading this message and helping us be a beacon of positivity during this unprecedented and challenging time.

We are all facing very challenging and uncertain times together. But for the hospitality industry, working remotely is not an option. The livelihood of Sydney Cafe’s and Restaurants rely solely on your patronage and continued support to stay alive.

Please help us in gaining traction with the #SydneyKeepEating cause to help these businesses survive.

Gratefully, the CPM Team!


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