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Our Services

Our vision for CPM was to create an AGENCY specifically...

focused on servicing the hardworking and passionate AUSTRALIAN hospitality industry 

We are the one-stop-shop for all marketing needs a cafe, restaurant, bar, or ANY HOSPITALITY venue would need in one EASY package.

Our Services

Services Overview

At CPM we set out to create a business that would help the hospitality businesses of Australia to connect with more customers. We felt the best way to do this was digitally as everyone uses their phones or computers to work out where to eat.

OUR vision is to “Elevate the food scene in AUSTRALIA”

As small business owners ourselves we know it's already a huge task to run a business let alone take care of all the proper marketing your business deserves to make it survive and thrive.

We also know  hospitality owners are usually time poor and rather than having to deal separately with

a food photographer, videographer, social media marketer, PR agency, influencer agency, and graphic designer separately, we have put these services all under one roof for you.

We took the hassle out of having to find, instruct and monitor all these different areas and rolled them into easy-to-understand packages at a price point far cheaper than engaging them separately.

We have three comprehensive marketing packages ,that combine all the different elements that are needed to successfully market a hospitality business. 

 We treat every one of our clients as if they were our own business and nothing satisfies us more than seeing a line out the door of our client’s venue!

Social Media Marketing
Posts on Instagram & Facebook
7 days a week

ALL YOUR HOSpitality marketing needs in one great package

Instagram &


Food photography

Food Videography



Ad campaigns

Hospitality PR
in top food & lifestyle publications

send outs
to your
email database

Graphic design 
for social
, digital 
& posters

Influencer marketing
with THE Top food bloggers & Lifestyle infuencers


Google Business


the AUSTRALIAN hospitality industry
for over 10 years

social media 



If these services sound like what you need, then CPM online marketing is the answer you are looking for!
CPM is the One-Stop-Shop specialist marketing solution
for the hospitality industry in AUSTRALIA!

We have helped  200+  cafes, restaurants, and bars for over 10 years achieve their goals through effective social media marketing, establishing great brand names, and a loyal customer base. 

Some of them have increased their revenues between 300% to 400% since being with us!

Names such as The Grounds of Alexandria, XS Espresso, Social Brew Café, The Tiny Giant, Social Hideout cafes, Hurricanes Bar & Grill, Hard Rock Cafe Sydney, Three Beans Cafes, and Expresso Warriors have all been great clients that we have helped to establish and grow and we can help you too.

CPM started nearly a decade ago when Sydney's dining scene really started to grow and we felt that this was a great time for cafes, bars and restaurants to showcase what was on offer with the explosive growth of social media.

New, great brands were starting up  and using tools such as Facebook and the newer platforms like Instagram were a perfect way that small cafes and restaurants could reach customers without a big budget.


Being the one stop shop for marketing for a Hospitality Businesses is what we have prided ourselves on and delivered well over the years.

CPM are specialists in marketing for cafes and restaurants using a unique blend of social media marketing, PR, and traditional marketing to effectively connect you to your customers.

We want to help your business grow and succeed!


Be sure to contact us now to find out how!

Get a free initial assessment of your cafe or restaurant.

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